No. 1 choice for ESP Insulators

Support Insulators, wall bushings, shaft insulators, and more

ESPI is a leading European supplier dedicated to the design and manufacture of ESP insulators, shaft insulators, or wall bushing insulators. We supply also a wide range for the power industry and technical ceramics.

ESPI Europe based in Prague (Czech Republic) supplies the full range of insulators for electrostatic precipitators (electro filters). Annual production is 10 000 pcs. of conical support insulators for ESP. We are one of the largest and top-quality manufacturers of ESP insulators worldwide.

We offer more than three hundred ESP insulators. Our portfolio consists of different types and sizes of hollow support insulators, bushing insulators, shaft insulators, solid-core post insulators, link insulators, ceramic insulating plates, rapping rods, and other types. We produce insulators from standard AL2O3 content of 50-65% and also from High Alumina insulators with an Alu content of 95%.

The ESPI company strives to be the best European supplier in the segment of ESP insulators.

ESP support insulators

ESP conical or cylindrical support insulators with working temperature up to 400⁰C, axial loading 500 kN.

ESP Wall Bushings

Wall Bushing insulators for the electrostatic filter/precipitator (ESP) for working voltage up to 130kV.

High Alumina Insulators

Al2O3 content 95% ; working temperature up to 600⁰C

  • Conical / cylindrical support insulators
  • Anti-sway bars
  • Tension insulators
  • Shaft insulators


We have hundreds of insulators on the stock. Find your model. If not on stock, we can manufacture any type according to your documentation.