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  • ESPI Europe is a manufacturer and supplier of insulators
    and electrical accessories for electrostatic precipitators (ESP) and substations.


    ESPI Europe, headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, is a specialized supplier and manufacturer of ceramic insulators designed specifically for electrostatic precipitators/electro filters (ESP), HV substations, and other applications.

    ESPI insulators have become synonymous with both high quality and affordability. Our annual production of 10,000 pieces of conical support insulators for ESP underscores our position as one of the leading manufacturers of top-quality ESP insulators worldwide.
    In cooperation with our partners, we also offer high-voltage power supply units and control solution for electrostatic precipitators, along with other associated accessories.

    Our commitment at ESPI is to excel as a high-quality supplier in the field of insulators and electrical engineering for electrostatic precipitators.

    Electrostatic precipitators (ESP) products


    Isolators for electrostatic filters are our flagship program. We offer over 300 types of ceramic insulators and a new range of polymer insulators.

    Power and control

    In cooperation with the British manufacturer Castlet, we offer a complete solution for the power supply and control of the electrostatic precipitator.


    Together with our partners, we offer accessories and spare parts of a metallic and non-metallic nature for electrostatic filters. All in one place.

    Substation and transformer accessories


    Insulators for indoor and outdoor substations. ESPI Europe continues the tradition of manufacturing ceramic insulators in the Czech Republic.


    Transformer bushings and bushing insulators according to standards EN 50180, DIN 42531, DIN 42532, DIN 42533, DIN 42533, DIN 42534


    Thanks to our partnership with several manufacturers, we offer accessories and spare parts for power and distribution transformers according to DIN and EN standards.

    Marketing studies and research


    Opportunities and forcast, 2021-2030


    Global Electrostatic Precipitator Market is expected to reach USD 10,0 Billion by 2030


    Growing at a CAGR of 4,3 % (2021-2030)


    Production and testing of our ESP insulators

    We are ceramists, specialists who develop, manufacture and supply insulators for electrostatic precipitators, substations and industrial applications using a highly modern and automated manufacturing process. All manufactured insulators go through an output inspection, where they are subjected to a sample and selection test defined by the IEC 60233/62155 standard, which guarantees the safe and reliable use of insulators in operation. Production is carried out in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. As one of the few manufacturers in the world, we also produce insulators for electrostatic precipitators from A95 material (it is a material with 95% content of Al3O3), which can withstand high operating temperatures of 500 degree Celsius and are more resistant to thermal shocks.

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